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Merrimack Films' first film, Loose Bolts?, was made in 1972. Loose Bolts? is still widely used in the classroom as the classic study of blue-collar blues. Bored workers produce terrible cars.

Labor history has been a major focus of Merrimack's films in the past four decades. Union Democracy dealt with the struggle to organize workers under the Wagner Act; it came out on that act's 50th anniversary. Unions in Crisis dealt with the struggle for union democracy and against corruption. Struggling Unions brings the story up to date: The struggle for clean, democratic unions continues today.

The focus of four other Merrimack Films is management-union cooperation. Working Together: Saturn and the UAW was made when the Saturn-UAW partnership was the most successful labor-management partnership in the world. What Happened to Saturn? recounts the partnership's tragic turn into failure, a lost opportunity that contributed to the bankruptcy of GM and the disappearance of many thousands of union jobs. Partners and Rustbelt Phoenix report the longer and happier story of how the United Steelworkers and steel-industry management kept working and finally seem to have made cooperation work. Labor-management cooperation is a hard challenge, but it is worth pursuing.

Givebacks deals with the start of auto union concessions to the Big 3 in the 1980s following the bankruptcy of Chrysler. Crisis Bargaining deals with the start of public sector concessions following the bankruptcy of New York City.

List of Films Date of Publication Running Time Sale Price
What happened to Saturn? 2008  30:10  $95
Rustbelt Phoenix 2006  33:41  $95
Struggling Unions 2002  34:36  $95
Troubled Partnerships 1999  34:00  $95
Partners: Bethlehem Steel and the United Steelworkers 1996  35:00  $95
Working Together: Saturn and the UAW 1994  31:00  $95
Unions in Crisis 1992  30:00  $95
Union Democracy 1986  30:00  $95
Givebacks 1983  25:00  $95
Crisis Bargaining 1979  35:00  $95
Loose Bolts? 1973  30:00  $95


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